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  The Indoor Cycling Center @ The Bicycle Rack

What is the I.C.C. / SurvivorFest?
How much does it cost?
What will I need?
When are the rides?

Please read our rules.

A few items you will need when you come to ride at our indoor cycling center are:
    Your bicycle - That's right, you use your own bicycle. By using your own bike you train the same muscles as in the real world. This way when you get back on your bike in the spring, you are faster and stronger.
    (A "trainer tire" is recommended but not mandatory. ALL bicycles must have a smooth rear tire.)
    Cycling Shoes - Don't forget these if you use clipless pedals.
    Cycling Clothing - Cycling shorts are usually recommended. The rest is up to you, just come dressed to ride.
    Water - Stay hydrated during your ride
    Rear Wheel Skewer - Bicycles require a special rear wheel skewer to fit into the CompuTrainer. ALL bikes must be outfitted with one of these skewers. If your bike is not already equipped with one, the skewers are available here for sale or rent.

    YES -

      NO -

    Towel - Once you get going, you are going to sweat. Please bring in a towel to wipe yourself off. We will have towels to rent if you forgot yours.
    Polar Heart Rate Strap (optional) - The CompuTrainer is capable of receiving a heart rate signal from a Polar chest strap. This is an optional accessory that will allow you to keep track of your exercise level. It will also aid you in the ability to track your fitness level.
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